Our Stress on & the measures adopted to be more Eco Friendly


Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura, our luxurious eco-friendly property at Jaipur features the following  eco-friendly measures :

  • Use of Autoclaves Aerated Concrete during construction of Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura.
  • AAC’s excellent thermal efficiency makes a major contribution to environmental protection by sharply reducing the need for heating and cooling in buildings.
  • AAC’s easy workability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use.\
  • Unlike other building materials, AAC can eliminate the need to be used in combination with insulation products, which increase the environmental impact and cost of construction.
  • AAC’s light weight also saves energy in transportation. The fact that AAC is up to five times lighter than concrete leads to significant reductions in CO2 emissions during transportation. In addition, many AAC manufacturers apply the principle of producing as near to their consumer markets as possible to reduce the need for transportation.
  • Use of Light emitting Diodes (LED) in all areas of Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura LEDs present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size, faster switching, and greater durability and reliability.
  • Use of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF Technology) for HVAC System at Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura
    VRF systems are able to provide total versatility and each indoor unit may cool / heat independently of each other. In fact, if part of a building requires cooling and other areas require heating the heat rejected for the required cooling contributes or is recovered to provide heating in the other area.
  • These systems use refrigerant as the cooling / heating medium rather than chilled water / hot water as is used in conventional hydraulic systems circulated by pumps. Which saves water & other natural resources for heating and leads unto thirty percent energy efficiency.
  • Application of Rain Harvesting Technology at Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura
  • The construction of Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura, along with the surface tiles and landscaping pattern has been created in a fashion to maximize conservation of Rain Water.

Landscaping & Greenery at Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura

More than 45 % of the entire land designated for Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura has been dedicated to lawns & greenery which spans approximately 20000 sq.ft. for maintaining the harmony and tranquility of the environment.

Water Recycling at Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura

Understanding the importance of conserving water, Ramada Jaipur Jaisinghpura recycles water for non-drinking consumption purposes along with use of high pressure water outlets to minimize water wastage.

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