Jaipur’s landscape along with its numerous Palaces and Forts is also dotted with several Temples. During your time in Jaipur seek spiritual enlightenment by visiting its many temples. Here’s presenting a list of Jaipur’s iconic temples showing the devotional side of this Pink City.

Birla Temple

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Chiseled out of pure white marble, Jaipur’s horizon is agleam with the Birla Temple. Known for its modernistic design, the building is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.
Paying homage to ancient philosophers, one will find placed statues or idols of Buddha, Confucius, Socrates and a few others. Symbolizing India’s secularism the Temple is broken up into 3 domes representing- Hindu, Islam and Christianity. Spiritual calm eludes the temple, on its walls are inscribed the symbols of Hinduism and stills depicting mythological events.

Govind Ji Temple

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Govind Ji Temple, Jaipur’s most coveted temple is frequented by millions of visitors. The temple is situated in the City Palace. Raja Sawai Jai Singh 2 the founder of Jaipur enshrined in the temple Lord Krishna’s idol which he got from Vrindavan. The deity is often described as a life like replica of Krishna’s incarnation on Earth. The ceiling of the temple is enamored in a glitzy gold and the interiors are prettified with a European touch and dazzling chandeliers. Being a part of the yearly ritual during Janmashtami is a soul purifying process.

Moti Doongri Temple

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The king of Mewar in one of his travels bought along with him an idol of Lord Ganesha. He pledged to enshrine a temple the moment the bullock cart stopped. Having stopped at Moti Doongri, which then went on to become the temple. Carved out of stone, the lattice work on it makes it look no less than a work of art. The temple is lodged in a palace, and its premises bears semblance to a Scottish castle. A spiritual aura enlivens the temple with its Aarti, which is conducted with reverence 7 times a day.


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Perched aloft the Aaravali Range, is the Galtaji Temple Complex. The temple pays homage to Lord Ganesha, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna Sculpted out of pink stones the temple exudes a positivity that attracts throngs of people to visit it. Made bountiful with the 7 natural springs surrounding it, the most sacred one called ‘Galta Kund’ has never dried. Galtaji Temple is home to 200 monkeys and are referred to as, ‘rhesus macaques.’ Visitors are often found hand feeding these monkeys.

Digamber Jain Mandir

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Jain devotees can also find solace in Jaipur at Shri Digamber Jain Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath, the First Jain Tirthankara. The construction of this Temple was broken up into several phases, and was completed in 10th Century A.D. Made up of several Shikara’s, the interior space houses 8 Shikara’s. Constructed in red sandstone, its walls have images carved on to it. The Shrine within the confines of the Temple opens up to an idol of Lord Parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods. The main shrine lodges a marvelous idol of Lord Adinath.

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