Jaipur has on its maps dotted several attractions in the form of Temples, Forts, and Palaces but what takes tourists by surprise are it’s well kept botanical gardens. Your Jaipur vacation will be incomplete without a customary promenade admiring the beauty of these gardens.

Ram Niwas Garden

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Jaipur finds its green zone in Ram Niwas Garden. To offer famine struck people relief, Maharaja Sawai Singh constructed the Ram Niwas Garden. Sprawled across 35 acres the Garden houses the Albert Hall Museum, Ravindra Rang Manch theatre, Jaipur Zoo, an Exhibition ground, a gymnasium and picturesque picnic spots. The garden is prettified with its shady green palms and perfectly assorted rose gardens. If you are looking to soak in Jaipur royalty, this is an idyllic place to spend the day.

Albert Hall Museum

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Initially constructed as a concert hall in 1876, this museum is named after London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Its founding stone was laid by the Prince of Wales during his visit to Jaipur. Toying with ideas on how this space should be used, in its starting days it was used as a Town Hall, then it went on to become a museum with a display of Industrial arts and finally the space started showcasing the work of local artisans. The museum is constructed with the entwining of Indo and Saracenic architecture and glorified with stone ornamentation.

Zoological Garden

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Jaipur’s has its own safe haven for animals in the Zoological Garden. Rolling out on 33 acres of land his Zoo was built by Sawai Raja Pratap in the year 1868. Animal lovers will be left amazed with its 70 varieties of animals, birds and reptiles. Bird lovers will delight in the section that specifically houses migratory birds. Few among the wide range of animals include lions, leopards, tigers, alligators, jackal, foxes and tigers.

Sisodia Rani Palace

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Jaipur’s kings and their kingly ways led to the construction of the Sisodia Rani Palace and Garden. This garden is a labor of love, as Maharaja Sawai Singh constructed this garden as a haunt for his second queen. The king’s love can be depicted in the Radha Krishna paintings emblazoned on the walls of the park. As you set out for a promenade in the park make sure to stop and admire the shrines of Lord Shiva, Vishnu and Hanuman positioned in the confines of the park. Patterned across the garden space are flowers prettifying the space amidst which are water bodies.

Vidyadhar Garden

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Jaipur’s chief architect, Vidhyadhar Bhattacharya has a Garden constructed to celebrate the sheer genius he was. The garden goes by the name of Vidyadhar. The garden space is beautified with the Krishna mural bedecking the garden pavilions, lovely lakes and sparkling fountains. Downpour in the area has monkeys reel out and scamper around in the area and Peacocks prance in the area with their fan crest feathers.

Central Park

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Central Park, the city’s largest park and a favorite among the locals was constructed in the year 2006. The park opens up to a massive garden space, the Rambagh Polo ground and the Rambagh Golf Club. Health freaks make optimum utilization of the 5 kilometer long walking and jogging track in the park. The park transports you to outer space with its 13 stone figures that are symbolic to the Capricorn constellation and winter solstice.
The park boasts of lodging the country’s tallest flag post that towers a height of 206 feet.

Smriti Van Kanak Vrindavan

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Nestled in the rear of the Nahargarh Hills is the Kanak Vrindavan. It was coined this name by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, to whom this place was a Mythological version Vrindavan. The picturesque garden has been staged in several Bollywood films. Broken up into 8 sections the garden with its fountain series and ‘Panikrama,’ the fountain carved out of a single marble chunk is unimaginably beauteous. The spiritually inclined can trace their footsteps to the Govind Deoji Temple established in the garden.

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